LEVEL 1:  Learn all the ins and outs of ABLETON LIVE.  Learn how to make a track.  

LEVEL 2:  THE ART OF MIXING.  Get your tracks to the next level!  

* Purchase both together and receive $500 Off.

Twice a week, 3 1/2 hours each class (Some groups prefer 3x per week, and sometimes we are able to accommodate that).

  • 1 Hr of Yoga and Meditation

  • 2 1/2 Hrs of Music Production


Located in Los Angeles, California

You must bring your laptop with Ableton Live installed, a midi keyboard and a yoga mat.  (Student rate for Ableton Live is possible, please reach out for details). 



LEVEL 1:   Ableton Live

-  Introducing Ableton
-  Programming drums
-  Music theory programming Chords & melodies -Recording
-  Mappings / controllers / effects
-  Warping and clip settings
-  Manipulating audio
-  Introduction to certain Max for live essential tools

-  Sequencers
-  Arrangements: telling your story from your ideas

-  Sound design: the basics
-  Subtractive Synthesis
-  Sampling
-  Controlling Hardware
-  Q&A day 

-  Introduction to mixing



LEVEL 2:  The Art of Mixing

-  Introduction to mixing
-  Set up your mixing environment
-  Requirements before mixing : what to do
-  Eqing how to clean and shape your sound
-  Dynamics : the importance of compression
-  Saturation : make your mixes stand out
-  Time depth and space in mixing : 3D
-  Mixing Vocals
-  Mixing Drums
-  Mixing as an art and the importance of returns
-  The Importance of parallel mixing in a professional mix

-  In class Mixing exercises -Students mixes and feedback day

-  Brief Introduction to mastering



-  Breath centered asana:

    Yoga postures and sequences 

-  Pranayama: 

    Breathing techniques 

-  Meditation: 

   Transcending the thinking mind  

-  Contemplation: 

   Goal setting - Creativity - Clarity - Empowerment

-  Practical Yoga philosophy: 

   A look into the mind, the body, the pranic field and beyond the mind